Sometimes the enemy blows your stereotypes wide open. 


 Mack Stone.

 April 10.2019

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Real Men #8

If you love carefully crafted life plans that drop suddenly by the wayside,
normal life decisions that turn into breathtaking risk,
and loner men and women who find each other but at a huge cost…
you’ll love Real Need!

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A note from Susan…

Hi there! I’m SO glad we’ve connected!

I write books set in the small towns and big cities of Canada. Right now I’m writing the Real Men series – first installment set in Jack’s Bay, northern Ontario – a place I ❤ so much!

My heroes and heroines haven’t had an easy time of it. But they take what life dishes out, and somehow, with grit, determination and heart – especially heart – they transform it into gold. Their gold.

Real gold.

Their stories – like life! – range from sweet to sexy, contemporary to suspenseful.

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And welcome…to Jack’s Bay, northern Ontario, to the upcoming sister series in B.C., and to the rancher (#1), the tormented dark-net genius (#5), the ‘hit rock-bottom’ ex-Seal (#4), and the ex-star hockey player (Coming Dec. 2018) – all military reservists, and the passionate, heroic women they fall for.

REAL MEN is the series – get to know them all at

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