A New Year’s Eve Erotic Romance.


She’s flash.

He’s blue collar.

And he’s got only night to show her…

Blue Collar is BETTER.




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Real Temptation 7 HEAT SD added V8

Real Men #8

The first instalment of REAL MEN HEAT…

…with the gang from Jack’s Bay*, set in Toronto!

If you love unexpected encounters, secret admirers, and hot men & strong women who both want their way, you’ll love Real Temptation / (Special Delivery)!

Reviewers are saying:

“…a unique, intricate, and wonderful story full of chemistry and passion…”

“…Loved the sassy character and intellect…”

“..special, fully fleshed out characters…I loved this story!”



Warning: Graphic language, swearing, and frank sexual descriptions.

And oh. Chocolate truffles.

And Velcro’d bondage straps.

And Manolos. =)



Alex Jordan has had enough.

It’s bad enough that her world changed overnight, from country club brat to delivering packages for a living.

But at least, hell. They’re packages for her own delivery company, Intimate Deliveries.

And with her small company, she’s going to put her family back on the map.

Back into Toronto’s exclusive Bridle Path community.

She just has to stay on track.

And sexy Luc Etalier, her almost-boyfriend, is a totally worthy plan B.

He’s the only man for her, right?


Rand Peters is a mess. A big one.

At least, that’s what he thinks.

But men from Jack’s Bay, Ontario don’t quit. He may have been a jerk, but he’s got a goal now.

And Alex Jordan- the hot, sassy delivery woman who can barely rein in her demanding personality – has fired those goals, as well as his weekly wet-dreams.

But when she ends up in his deserted machine shop on New Year’s Eve, he’s determined.

This time, the woman he’s admired from afar and lusted after isn’t going to leave empty-handed.

Whether she knows it or not. 



*A 5,000 word standalone story based on an excerpt of this story first appeared in Delilah Devlin’s Blue Collar Anthology in June 2017, and the short is available here.
This is the full version of Rand and Alex’s story.


*Note: Jack’s Bay is the northern Canada community where the Real Men series takes place.


A note from Susan…


I’m so glad you dropped by!

I write sexy, heartwarming contemporary romance – with a dash of the unexpected thrown in.

HEAT LEVEL – The heal level varies in my stories, dependent on the story and the couple and where they are in their relationship. When it fits the story, I write open-door sex, though the emphasis is generally on the relationship. Some meet-cutes have been categorized as sweet by reviewers.

I do write some books where sex is more of a plot focus (Real Temptation / Special Delivery is one of those books). And if you want to pick up the Blue Collar Anthology, that’s erotic romance. In general though, my typical book, currently, is more relationship focused, with some open-door sex.

If this is your flavour, and you like variety – I’m glad you’re here!

Please note: site *currently* under construction. 🙂

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