#3 Real Temptation (Special Delivery) – A holiday story


Rand & Alex

Real Men #3

She’s flash. He’s blue-collar…and crazy about her.

And he’s got only one night to convince her that blue collar is better.

Real Chance TORN - finished

New Year’s Eve.

Last night…last chance.

Daughter of a white-collar criminal, Alex Jordan is desperate to rehabilitate her reputation.

She’s got a plan. A new business, and marriage to filthy rich Luc Etallier – if she can get him to commit. Only now he’s not even spending the holiday with her – he’s too busy spending time with his rich, stuffy family in the Hamptons. ‘Almost girlfriends’ not invited.

But one man has been paying attention.

Rand Peters, a machinist, is slowly working his way up and is determined to stop the partying lifestyle and fulfill promises he made to his father. When the woman he’s been admiring from afar ends up in his shop alone with him on New Year’s Eve, Rand decides that some things are too important to let pass by – no matter the risk.

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Dear Readers: This is Rand & Alex’s full, expanded story.

The 5k short story excerpt is available here, along with 15 other hot stories, in Delilah Devlin’s anthology – Blue Collar: Bad Boys Behaving. 

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