Real Miracle (A Christmas story)


Eli & Tish

Real Men #5

Christmas Eve.

One night, one last memory to revisit, before he’s off the grid. It won’t take long. And it won’t hurt. Much.

Until SHE opens the door…

Real Chance TORN - finished

She’d been a miracle. One he knew he didn’t deserve, but that just made it all the more incredible.

He’d planned it all out. The town, the house, the bleached wood picket fence falling down more than it stood up.

But it was their dream, and it too, was a miracle.

Then the phone call came, one long ago Christmas Eve, and he pitched into the dark December night, alone. Left their bed, never to see her again.


He’d been the only for her, a surprise and a miracle. She knew life wouldn’t be easy, but it was theirs. And she loved it, with everything she had.

Then one Christmas Eve, it ended. Suddenly, and she didn’t know why.

Life Remake 101.

But when she returned to their old house, now slated to be torn down, on a snowy Christmas Eve, freshly divorced, she needs its solace. She wants to recapture the old Tish, the one who knew how to dream.

It’s a bad neighbourhood. She’s broken in, laying low, but reclaiming her soul. Moment by moment.

And then, there’s a knock at the door.

And…it’s him.