Real Miracle (A small town romantic suspense & Christmas story)

A new, small town romantic suspense, set in Jack’s Bay.  NOT your fluffy holiday story.

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If Eli Austin gets out of this one, it will be unbelievable.

If he gets out of it with Tish by his side…it will be a miracle.

 February 7.2018

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RM Real Miracle Jul18-22

Real Men #5

If you love redemption stories, suspense and second chances,  you’ll love Real Miracle!

Reviewers are saying:

“It had me hooked and turning pages like a mad woman.”
-Amazon Reviewer

“Danger and excitement! I absolutely loved it.”
-Amazon Reviewer

Jack’s Bay lost a favorite son, three years ago. One day Eli Austin was there, a beloved part of the local scenery as well as mega-brain IT geek—and the next day he was gone. Christmas Eve, in fact.


Not only did it rip up the town and his buddies, Dare Logan, Nathan Hero, and the rest of the military reservists gang, but it crashed the world of one Tish Taylor down around her head. You see, Eli was her fiancé, and they fit. They just did, always had.

One day he was there, and the next…not. Gone. Without a word. Into the ether, as if he’d never been.

Tish moved. Got away, did a rebound thing, foolish. Now it’s three years later, Christmas Eve, again. She’s back, in the house they were going to buy for their very own. It’s abandoned, in a bad part of town, and she’s broken in, under the radar, desperate to be alone. To reclaim a part of her spirit in the house that would have been their first home.

She just needs this one night. To figure things out. She’s hunkering down, ready to dissect her soul, alone, and there’s a knock at the door.

And….it’s him.




*This story first appeared in the Mistletoe Kisses Anthology in November 2017, and this set is no longer available for purchase. This is the standalone version of that story.