Nathan Unwrapped

Book Title: Nathan Unrapped by Susan Saxx

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He’s frozen in the past. Nathan Gentael is a savant painter, but he’s sworn off his art and all romantic relationships. But at least, with his best friend Zach, he can turn an old family property off Chesapeake Bay into a home for gay men that have been shredded by life, and give them a chance to recuperate.

Jake Augustine ‘Boom Boom’ Reiden—‘Og’—is a bulldozer. Ex-military, and a boxer, he hasn’t met a problem he can’t solve—until now. His brother Michael is in danger. He needs a charity scheme to further his agenda, and this old house of a dump might just do it. Then—he’ll get out.

But a fly in the ointment presents itself when he meets the poet with the deep eyes and the tortured soul. And when a seven-year old runaway girl shows up, both their hearts tumble. Will they be able to go against all odds, rescue Michael, and save the family they’ve become?