New Releases Coming Soon

3 books are slated to come out, after the Blue Collar – Boys Behaving Badly Anthology, 2 before the end of July. As to the third, I’m deciding whether to wait to release it just in time for the holidays, as it’s a New Year’s Eve story, or earlier, for readers of my short in the Blue Collar anthology, as it’s the full version of that story.

And there’s another one also completed – though it’s a holiday story too!

The first 2 books are the first two in the Real Man Series: A REAL MAN, and REAL DEEP. REAL DANGER is the Christmas Eve story, and REAL TEMPTATION (SPECIAL DELIVERY) is the New Year’s story. REAL DEEP and REAL DANGER are  both ‘lovers reunited’ stories that take place in less than 24 hours – so they’re intense stories, with lots going on.

After this batch of releases (4 for 2017, so far), there’s more to come too, and I’ll update you all on that –  when I catch my breath!


June 12.17