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Things are starting to get interesting!

September sees the release of It Started on a Back Road – A Jack’s Bay Beginnings. This story continues the Real Men series and is a MEET-CUTE – focusing entirely on the beginning stages of the budding romance between Parker and Danica. And so far the feedback has been great!

Release date: September 12, 2017 || Available on Preorder

October sees two longer stories released.

Psst – if you read It Started on a Back Road first, you’ll love the glimpse into both couples from Jack’s Bay that are featured in the October releases!

Real Miracle is Eli and Tish’s story, and will be released first as part of a fabulous Christmas Box Set titled Mistletoe Kisses, along with a group of talented authors! For more details, see Anthologies. Originally titled Real Danger, it has romantic suspense elements.

Release Date: October 16

And the other October release is Nathan and Amy’s story, part of the Bachelor Party Puppies connected stories world. Weighing in around 70,000 words, it’s a longer story yet again, but I love Nathan Hero, an ex-Seal whose family has never lived up to their name…until now. The story is aptly named A Real Hero.

And who wouldn’t love Nathan’s puppy, Ryker! Though things don’t start off all that promising with Nathan and Ryker…or Amy…

Release Date: October 12

Lastly, I’m hoping for the release of Real Temptation [Special Delivery], in December – just in time for New Year’s!

This is Rand and Alex’s full story – whom you first met in Blue Collar – A Boys Behaving Badly anthology, where it was partially excerpted, and is a special, ‘one night can change everything’, New Year’s holiday story.



And just so you know…

REAL MIRACLE  and REAL TEMPTATION are  both ‘lovers reunited’ stories that take place in less than 24 hours – so they’re intense stories, with lots going on.

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September 5.2017