New Releases Coming Soon

There’s a mystery release in the offing…in September!

October sees the release of Real Danger, Eli and Tish’s story, as part of a fabulous Christmas Box Set. More details on that soon!

November sees the release of Real Temptation [Special Delivery], Rand and Alex’s story – just in time for New Years! This is the full story, which was partially excerpted in the Blue Collar: Boys Behaving Badly Anthology release this June.

And as well, there will be another release in October, as part of a special project. I can’t give details yet, but I’m excited! And it will revolved around Nathan and Amy, once again in Jack’s Bay, and introducing a host of new characters.


I decided readers needed to know more about the Jack’s Bay character lineup. This is the first story set entirely in the fictional town of Jack’s Bay in northern Ontario, though the gang you’ve come to know and love from Real Deep and A Real Man figure into the story too. The mystery release is a shorter story, a meet cute, part of my Real Men ‘Beginnings’ series.

This story is slated to release in September 12. The preorder should be up on Amazon soon.

And just so you know…

REAL DEEP and REAL DANGER are  both ‘lovers reunited’ stories that take place in less than 24 hours – so they’re intense stories, with lots going on.

Until the next update here….



July 31..2017