real man release info draft

A REAL MAN, my short military / cowboy contemporary and first book in the REAL MAN series is releasing soon – hopefully this week!

The series is anchored to a small norther Ontario town, known as Jack’s Bay, that straddles cottage country and city living, and does it well.

But more importantly, it’s a strong community. Home to a group of men that have served together in the army reserve. Brothers, with an unbreakable bond, as well as determined women.

Though some of the stories are not specifically set in Jack’s Bay, many of the characters are from the locale and there will be more to come in future stories.

The cover below was done by a talented friend and fellow author – but I’m rebranding due to the other stories coming out soon, so enjoy it while you can! It does capture the essence of hunky COLE DAWSON…who needs all his wits about him to deal with one Miss TABBY GREY, author of steamy cowboy erotica.

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Thanks for stopping by. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for A REAL MAN – this week!

Just in time for your summer #beachread on your deck, by the water – wherever you love escaping!

But for now…here’s Cole…and a hot excerpt



Cover SB 2