Saxxy ARC & Review Team!


I’m so glad you made it this far! And I’m thrilled you’re loving the characters and the world of Jack’s Bay.

But now we’re on to an awesome topic: how you can get all my releases free, from now on…

…and usually – before everyone else!



Authors these days know that honest, short reviews posted on Amazon are important, for many reasons. Much of it has to do with back-end technical metrics. So if you’re happy to post an honest review on Amazon for me rather quickly, I’d be thrilled to have you as a member of my review team. That means I’ll send you an advance reader copy (ARC), at no cost to you. That way you get all of my books, and you get them before anyone else!

Many more books are planned for the Jack’s Bay world, just this year alone. And new series are on the drawing board too!

A-Real-Man Reel-Deep It started with a back road TORN_edited-1 Real Chance TORN - finished  Real Danger torn - finished


Easy to Do!

If you’re interested, posting a brief review is easy. I post instructions for my ARC team at a separate link, and if you wish, you can use a pseudonym, if you’re concerned with privacy.

The general process is I send you an ARC 2 weeks or so before release (or as soon as I can). You agree to post an honest review within 2 weeks of receipt, and when it’s done, you send me the link via a google docs form. That’s it!


What do I do NOW? 

It’s easy! I’ve got a brief form where you can sign up. It has a spot for a link to a recent review you wrote on one of my books. It also asks for your name, and a short note on what you enjoy about the Real Men/Jack’s Bay series of books.  Then I or my assistant will notify you with your place on the ARC team.

The form also subscribes you to my ARC & Review Team Newsletter. Here’s the link:

And because I appreciate what you do for me in this regard, your name will appear in a special section in my next book…with tons of appreciation! ❤




So the benefits to you are:

Free books (that others have to pay for!)
◦ You’ll get them before any one else does!
◦ My undying appreciation!
◦ Your name mentioned in a special section in my book
◦ And you’ll be subscribed to a special email list where you’ll get the opportunity, from time to time, to help decide on character names, locations, etc., for upcoming books!

If this sounds awesome to you, please join up here:

That’s all there is to it! And I’ll send you a copy of Real Deep (available now) or my next available release. And there are a bunch coming, this year!


Thank you for considering this. It’s an honour to have you as a reader, and as a friend of the Jack’s Bay series of books.



I’d love to do this! But what if I miss a review?

After you review the book, you email me and let me know the review is up, so we can generally keep track. If you don’t get a review up within the general time frame, I understand life happens, so we ask you get it up as soon as you can, and notify myself or my assistant. No worries!

However, if a member of the team misses more than one review, please know that we respect your time, and that if it isn’t currently possible, you’ve been greatly appreciated. And…I invite you to become a part of the team in future when you’re able to post short, honest reviews again! There’s nothing better than making people happy with stories and having people express that, so you’re truly welcome to apply to come back – any time.