Saxxy ARC & Review Team

Hey! I’m glad you made it this far!

And a special thank you

Thank you for being part of my journey.

Yes, I love being a writer. But your comments, emails and reviews make it extra special for me to do what I do. Namely, create the characters and world of Jack’s Bay, and psst–a few more that are on the drawing board too!

And the only way I can think to thank you for your kindness and for being a part of my journey to date, is to say–let’s keep doing this, if you’re so inclined. And in a special way!

I’m forming a review team, a special, members-only group. If you want to be part of it, you’d be the most intimately involved with my book worlds, and story creations.

So if this sounds like just your thing…read on!


What would you get? And enjoy?

Here are the perks, ongoing. 🙂

*A free copy of all my releases, and you’d get them, usually, before everyone else does.

*The opportunity to suggest names for characters, and story premises (often a news article will jog me and I’ll think–oh, that would be a great book! So, if you enjoy that, that type of thing).

Your name listed, along with the entire group, in the front of each book, as a public thank you :). And…

My genuine appreciation!


If this appeals to you, all I’d ask is that you assist me by posting a short, honest review on Amazon (and any other online sites that you like) within 2 weeks of receiving the new release. 

Honestly, reviews are such a huge thing for authors these days!


How come?

 Why do reviews on Amazon (& other sites) really matter for authors these days? 

The personal recommendation aspect of reviews is huge. I know, when I discover a new author or a service or resource I’ve found, I tell EVERYONE I know. 🙂 Humans operate more on word of mouth than anything formal coming from a service provider themselves.

But also, here’s the thing. There are so many other things in the world of story distribution and promotion that just can’t happen for an author if they don’t have a strong number of reviews. Certain promotional opportunities, for instance, that give an author a greater reach to more people simply to discover them–many are predicated on the number of reviews on Amazon. So if you don’t have a large number of good reviews, you don’t get the chance to put your story out there. At all. Even if the author has received lovely emails thanking them for their story–this is SO cool and so much appreciated by me–but these don’t count for the promo opportunities. So you’d be helping me with this too.

It would mean a lot to me. ❤

And if this sounds like your cup of tea, glass of wine, jug of beer, (or trendy bottle of cool, delicious water, lol), read on!

That’s the offer. Sound good? 

There’s no name yet for the team. Good, catchy names come to me in a flash of blinding inspiration or not at all, lol, in which case I grope around, asking everyone for help! So if you have any ideas, please feel free to hit send and share! My Facebook Readers group is currently named Saxxy Reads…but really, the sky’s the limit. Nothing ‘hot’ or sexy, as my books generally are more of a medium heat level (except for the story in the Blue Collar anthology, that’s hawt but not the norm, currently). But I’m definitely open to ideas. And I may just create a contest too…the thoughts are flying around right now.




If all this sounds awesome to you, please join the group here:

After you join (it’s a Mailchimp form), you’ll get an email asking you to confirm your email addy. When you do,  I’ll send you more details, soon. You’ll also be subscribed to a special, member’s only newsletter. 


Thank you for considering this. It would be a BLAST to do this together!

August 2017 Update–Psst. There’s actually a pre-order up right now for September 12th called It Started On a Back Road, Real Men #3. It’s a meet-cute novella of 20,000 words  and it’s the story of Danica and Parker. Depending on when you join, it could be your first members-only gifted book. So if this story appeals to you, it’s waiting…for you! 🙂


Here are the links:


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And please know…

It’s always an honour to have you as a reader, and as a friend of the Real Men series of books.



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As always…

Happy Escaping!