Saxxy ARC & Review Team


A special THANK YOU…
for being one of my readers!

And a special offer…

Would you like to be part of my journey?

I love being a writer.
But your comments, emails and reviews make it extra special for me to do what I do.
Namely, create the characters and world of Real Men, currently in the Jack’s Bay location
(though, psst…British Columbia on the west coast of Canada is soon to come too!)

And the only way I can think to thank you for your kindness and for being a part of my journey to date,
is to say–let’s keep doing this, if you’re so inclined.
In a special way!

I’ve formed a special, members-only VIP review group.
If you want to be part of it, you’ll be the most intimately involved with my book worlds, and story creations.
And you’ll be helping me with one of the things authors really need –
and that’s honest, timely reviews – posted on the day of release – or very soon thereafter!

Does this sound like your type of thing? If so…read on!

What would you get? 

Here are the perks you’ll get.

*A free e-copy of my releases, and you’ll get them before everyone else does.

*Your name listed in the front of each book, as a public thank you. 🙂


*The opportunity to suggest names for characters, and story premises.
(If you’ve read a news article or something that gives you an idea – send it to me! I’ll gladly read those emails from my Review Team! 

My genuine appreciation!

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So if you want to be part of my VIP Review team,
and are good with posting a short, honest review on Amazon,
(and possibly on GoodReads and Bookbub, though it’s not strictly necessary)
on release day or very shortly thereafter –

and you LOVE getting free romance and suspense ebooks…

This is for you!


That’s the offer!


If this sounds great to you, and like a lot of fun…
Click here and join me!

You’ll get a quick email asking you to confirm your email addy. And when you do,  I’ll send you more deets.

You’ll also be subscribed to a special, member’s only newsletter.  ❤


Thank you for considering this. It would be a BLAST to do this together!

And please know…

It’s always an honour to have you as a reader, and as a friend of the Real Men series of books. ❤


As always…

Happy Escaping!